Design studio/lab in London.
We are innovating interfaces to change how computer and internet works. Super Clear conducts experimental research to build the future of user interface and help founders build revolutionary startups.
We use design as unfair advantage — from inventing unique interactions, to designing a convincing brand. We have decades of experience in product, graphic and generative design to confidently use all the modern tech practices.
But enough about us. Are you satisfied with your current design? Write us.
If there's nothing to write about, explore our current case studies:

Challenging Chat Interface

We're surrounded by chat interfaces, but there's no proof it's the best option.

Remote Collaboration

Years of attempts to make distributed work failed. What Interface can we build to improve it?

Browser & OS

Whenever you use your device, you spend 100% of time using OS and 80% using browser. They should be better.

Modern Social Networking

Social networking is a mess.

Local Community Tool

Cities are a perfect opportunity to act as groups, but cities are becoming lonelier with every year passing.

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We are open to collaborate with set of problems, make a proper research and present all the insights on a topic.

Dream clients:
Super Clear was founded by Alexander Vilinskyy in London, UK, 2022.