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Super Clear studio is building the future of user interface. Contact →
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Research Topics

Spatial Thinking

Right now we're using our hands and minds to process information. What about bodies?

Projecting Displays

Working on a small gadget prototype to extend the current display without putting additional monitor.

AI Business Models

Our current economy is not ready for generative AI and abundance. What can we do to fix it? Economic research.

Media focused on reality

While it's hard to report truth, it seems to never work as a principle. We're exploring how to measure "reality".

New Chat Interface

We're surrounded by chat interfaces, but there's no proof it's the best option. What if...?

Remote Collaboration

Years of attempts to make distributed work failed. What Interface can we build to improve it?

Browser & OS

Whenever you use your device, you spend 100% of time using OS and 80% using browser. They should be better.

Social Networking

Social networking is a mess of brand building, news and friendly interactions. We deserve better.

Local Community Tool

Cities are a perfect opportunity to act as groups, but cities are becoming lonelier with every year passing.

Request Research →

We are open to collaborate with set of problems, make a proper research and present all the insights on a topic.

Happy Clients

Product, Brand Design
Product, Brand Design
Product Design, Marketing
Product, Brand Design
Streaming Tech
Big Tech
Past clients:
  • Grammarly
  • Readdle
  • Decipad
  • Clueby
  • Xian24
  • Porsche
  • Polywork
  • Voicify
  • Apple
  • Leica
  • Substack
  • Figma
  • Craft Docs
  • Pixelmator
Future clients:
  • Restream
  • Ink & Switch
  • OpenAI
  • Clay
  • Detail
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Apple
  • Leica
  • Substack
  • Figma
  • Craft Docs
  • Pixelmator
  • You?

Transparent Pricing:

We don't want clients to guess the price so we're making the smartest move in game theory — we collaborate, by opening our cards first. Now it's your move.

Landing Page: £15K

Website have to explain what you do, look better than competitors, and leave an impression. Does it today?

Pitch Deck: £8K

After thousands of slides, we know what investors are looking for. You will be challenged to find better words.

Product Design Sprint: £12K

6-day program to work on particular problem. For example “redesign home page”, "build a feature", "design a ..."

Compact Brand: £8K

We design "enough" brands, so you would fit the industry dress code, while staying interesting to customers.

Promotional GIF: £500

Your competitors will be jealous. Investors will retweet.
We know the game.

Custom Pack: -40%

Companies that hire us for multiple challenges save money because we don't spend time on learning context.

Super Clear was founded by Alexander Vilinskyy in London, UK, 2022.